WHY IC Growth

Accurate Information
We understand that accurate information isthe difference between a solid investment and a gamble in the cryptocurrency space.
Investor Mindset
Master the mindset of disciplined investor. We'll help you find your investment strategyand compound your invesment
Group Mentoring
We believe that if you learn together you earn together. With this model, students can learn from other members of IC Growth by  sharing experiences with one another.
Education Platform
Get access to our education platform where you can find everything you need to succeed with IC Growth. You are our investment.
Learn how to keep your investments safe and secure from hackers and phishing sites.
Learn what strategy you can use to grow your investment portfolio

Our Learning Packages


Basic Package
Get Started
Intermediate Package
Get Started
Advanced Package
Get Started
Access to Discord Community
1-hour daily group coaching via Discord
Access to NFT gated content
Access to recorded group calls
Technical Analysis
40 minute 1-on-1 meeting

Our Learning Packages


Please answer a few short questions so that we can understand more about your investing experience and your interests as an investor.

Access Education Portal

We’ll give you access to our education platform where you can find everything you need to succed with IC Growth.

Interact with the Community

Join our Discord channel to tap into our daily group coaching calls. We have coaching calls everyday Monday through Friday.

Shared Your Experience and Grow

Shared your knowledge and earn at the same time.